The path is muddy, a carpet of leaves. Our feet one in front of the other. Our shoulders barely touching. Still two but soon to be three we parade through the rain.

It’s cold and it’s winter. Hands pulled into our jackets as far as possible. I defy the cold and reach for his hand. He squeezes it. Looks to his left and smiles before searching for the warmth of his coat again. A blue leather coat. A mid winter walk. So much is going to change. Not possible to know what to expect.

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Zoe Williams – The Madness of Modern Parenting


Zoe Williams The Madness of Modern Parenting

Are you not a parent, parent-to-be soon or have a big interest in babies and parenting? Then this book review might not be for you (well, you might want to give the book as a gift to (expecting)parent-friends). The title holds it all, this book is about the madness of parenting in todays’ world. A short and interesting, highly political book composed of three essays.

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No man is an island?

Bewerkte eiland foto

I dozed off for a moment on the train from Berlin to Amsterdam. Finally, some rest after getting up so early. But then a commotion starts around the seats in front of me. Fully awake again.
“But sir, this is no good ticket. You cannot go to Dutchland with this ticket.”
“But it says whole Niedersaksen, so I can go to the border?”
“No no, no good for IC train. You must buy new ticket now, for two of you.”

My curiosity is strong, so I continue to follow the whole ordeal. The man with the wrong trainticket, and his companion who is in fact still half asleep, have a Middle-Eastern look. The English is good, though not fluent. Still way better than the language skills of the German ticket inspector. The men seem to travel with one large sportsbag each. On their way from Germany to a small city in the Netherlands. Maybe visiting relatives? A new trainticket is bought, but only up until the German border. The ticket inspector is not allowed to give out a ticket for the Netherlands, so tells the men to get off at Bad-Bentheim and buy another ticket at the station, to continue their journey to ‘Dutchland’. The inspector wishes the men a good day, and continues checking tickets. The man with the now valid ticket laughs quietly. I assume he mumbles something about the faires being crazy high, because they are. Suddenly his face appears between the two seats, he is looking me straight into my eyes.

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Things no one told me about being pregnant


So I’m pregnant. The big surprise 2014 brought me. It being a surprise, I never really spoke to anybody about what it means to be pregnant. All of my friends don’t have babies yet. My mother seems to have avoided the subject up until now because she didn’t think it would happen for the coming 2-4 years. For me, the past five months have been a kind of rollercoaster. I usually try to come as prepared as possible to all new adventures. Here I simply lacked knowledge about it coming. So, here are some things no one told me about being pregnant (maybe they would have, though, had they know this was going to happen). A little note for all you girls out there who might think about becoming pregnant, now or in the future.

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Discover the world of Sustainable Fashion #1: Definition

sustainable fashion definition

A couple of weeks ago, I informed you about an upcoming series on this blog, about sustainable fashion. I already thought it would be an interesting, but complicated ordeal. This turned out to be very true. So much to read. So many opinions. So many experts. Today I proudly present you the first post in the series ‘Discover the world of Sustainable Fashion’.

Sustainable Fashion Definition

I love definitions. Often times they make life easier. They are also a great topic for discussion. In the case of sustainable fashion, it might not surprise you that there exists no formal definition. It seems impossible to formulate a definition of sustainable fashion that would be applicable to the current fashion industry.

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Arianna Huffington – On Becoming Fearless


Last summer I got hooked on Arianna Huffingtons’ book Thrive. I wrote a personal review about it, and immediately put one of her other books on my to-read list: Fearless – in love, work, and life. Now, you should know something about me. By nature, I am a very fearful person. I’ve known this since the age of 13, and over the years have grown accustomed to living with this character trait. My fear grew bigger than me. I didn’t go outside anymore, was afraid to talk to people and felt that my life was on the verge of ending all the time. Hours of therapy might have helped me deal with it, as did growing up in general. Thus the title of this book had a special appeal on me, being fearless, feeling fearless about fear, is what I dreamt about for a long time. What a lot of people dream about I guess. So it was not without great expectations that I started reading this book.

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Surviving winter in Berlin

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-03 om 15.10.10

This is kind of a joke coming from someone who lived in Berlin only in the winters of 2013/2014 and 2014/2015. Yes, survive winter in Berlin, easy. The warmest in a lot of decades. I expected a lot worse when I moved here. Losing toes and fingers to frostbite from november to march, was the prognosis. A shopping list with winter essentials was offered to me by colleagues when my first winter here approached. Buy snowboots for sure, an extra thick coat and possibly a wearable heater (just joking). Up until now I didn’t even have to buy a new coat. Now I don’t want to cheer too quickly or start praising the weather gods, but as a pregnant woman I seem to have my own extra heating, so fear not the months to come.

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2014 – What this year has taught me

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-29 om 11.12.21

This has been a hell of a year. A surprising one, to say the least. I had fun, I travelled to new and exciting places in the world and had a great summer in Berlin. But to be honest, looking back it feels like I lost control over my own life. Not in an entirely bad way, more in a huge life-lesson kind of way.

Growing up, I always felt like I was the one who could decide on the direction. That I could control what would happen when and how ‘successful’ I would be. It was all depending on structure, planning, hard work and dedication. Wrong. Turns out you cannot always be behind the steering wheel, even in your own life.

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Share my learning curve – Sustainable Fashion


The past few weeks I took my first steps in the sustainable fashion world. First impression: how in the *@^(^$ does this work, where do I start with learning about it?! There is SO much I don’t know. A lot going on, experts writing books and giving talks, from a thousand different visions and angles. And I don’t know a thing. I don’t even know how normal clothing lines are being produced, how the traditional fashion industry operates, let alone sustainable clothes.

There is a whole unexplored world lying at my feet, and it excites me as much as it scares me. So what the heck, I just take the leap and start. Start by reading, talking, writing about it with people who know a thing or two. With experts in the field and with newcomers. First (big) book on my reading list? The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black - amazing if you ask me.

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