A tiny-but-very-big new adventure


So, I dissapeared off the face of the earth for quite a while. To say that the past few months were life changing would almost feel like an understatement. Because man, things got turned upside down for real.

All was running smoothly and I was busy planning some new projects of my own, thinking about travelling Europe for maybe even up to six months together with my BF and definitely enjoying life. Until suddenly I got sick. Not sick-sick, but a kind of sick that I’d never experienced before. Like a mix of growth pains because of puberty and sickness in the morning. Well, does that ring a bell? Not with me, initially. I must have had my head buried in the ground or something. Because hello, a few days later I had the unavoidable positive pregnancy test in my hands…

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The first Slow Blogging newsletter!

This just went live, the first Slow Blogging newsletter! Together with awesome contributors, I’ve made a newsletter themed new beginnings / first encounters


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Confession time: Cars


Today I have a confession to make. It will probably make you think less of me. But I’ll take that risk. It just feels good to let it all out…

I never got my driver license.

OMG say what now?! You immature thing.

My parents didn’t promote it (although dad, sorry but me not smoking until I was 18 should have landed me those paid driving lessons right?!), and I never felt the need. Being such a city kinda gal it never seemed necessary to own a car, let alone drive one. First of all, where to park the damn thing? Second; I’m Dutch, duh, I take my bike to go places. Third, to make my point even clearer; money, you guys. Owning a car can get pretty expensive. Oh and last but not least, I’ve had the luxury of having my own chauffeur, thank you boyfriend for driving me around for the first 3 years we were together, and I’m still sorry you had to send the car to the graveyard…And I’ll forgive you for not buying a new one… Continue Reading

Maybe they have a cat

I know you have felt this at least once in your life. Everyone has. Being so impressed by a persons’ stories or work, that you’re scared of meeting them in real life, of talking to them. You want to go up to the person, say some nice words, maybe even ask a question, but the words just don’t come out of your mouth.So you just stand there looking foolish. Now what? You ask yourself: why?!

Guys, let me tell you this, I recently turned 26 years old and think I have discovered the holy grail. The solution to this problem that keeps us from having meaningful interactions with people we admire. Get ready for this (and bow down bitches and stuff, because this might truly be life-changing, you can thank me later, or immediately just below this post. You know the drill):

Maybe they have a cat

It’s all you need to relax those vocal chords for a real conversation, promise. They might have a cat. What would it be named? Would they pet him coming home after a long days work? Will the cat wake them up every day? How would the cat make them feel? You don’t even need to be a cat-lady to make this work for you. The key to this story is: we are all human (I’ve wrote about that before, yes) and we all go home (at least, hopefully we do sometimes) and lay our limbs to rest on the couch. And preferably, with something cute to cuddle. Ah yes, that’s where that cat comes in. That visualisation makes all your idols suddenly human, now doesn’t it? Guess what, that’s because they are.


Have a great day and kick some ass!


That moment you realize another year has passed by. Evaluate what happened. What didn’t. What stayed the same and all that changed. Life is a gift, that I remember every year when it’s my birthday. I got to live another one. Last thursday was the day I turned 26. And I feel a bit old now, even though my grandpa assured me I’ve just come into this world and don’t yet know half of it. I guess I believe him.

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Real humans


Real humans. Sometimes I feel it is difficult to find them. Surrounded by aggressive media-outlets. By websites pushing the latest fashion statements and beauty products. Business stories about the extremely succesfull, or the extremely loud. Newspapers spreading only the ‘worthy’ stories. Is that what we are? Always bombarded from the outside. What about inside? How to give meaning to life? What is the meaning of life? Is there?


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Slow Blogging


Last week I wrote about Arianna Huffingtons’ book Thrive, and the impact the book had on me. And still has. It moved me to rethink my life. And also my blogging strategy, the way I embedded blogging in my life. I’ve always appreciated quality over quantity. With a full-time job, projects on the side and a big family, I just can’t post qualitative articles on a very regular basis. Add something valuable. And I don’t want Quarterlife Adventures to become an empty publishing machine.

I did some research on the internet and in my head. I feel like there is a tendency where bloggers write for the sake of publishing, and readers read for the sake of fast and thoughtless entertainment more and more. True inspiration doesn’t come to you by reading tons of ‘list’ blogposts, other peoples diaries or masked advertisement online. It comes from Life. From real people. From the World.

Let’s all move back there, out of our digital realities. Try to visit the internet less frequently. See the beauty around you. Write on paper with a real pen. And type it all up once you feel happy about what you’ve written. Because blogging still is a beautiful way of sharing information, inspiration and stories about life. Super accessible for anyone. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered some bloggers from all over the world and their beautiful style of writing, living, thinking. So keep publishing. For some that might be every day, for others every week. Maybe even ‘only’ once a month. That’s ok. As long as the piece adds value. Reduce information pollution, please.

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Arianna Huffington – Thrive


So I read a book. The first one this vacation that I’ve finished. And I’m dreading it. I dread the fact that this book didn’t have more pages, that it cannot be read forever, that Arianna didn’t repeat the same message in different lines in a second book, that it’s unfortunately not a trilogy. This must be one of the first books in my adult life, that I truly feel I will read again. And again. And again. Please, you, read it as well.

When I started reading the book I had planned on writing a thorough review of it. The book being such a bestseller and probably loads of people will have it on their wishlist. But I’ve changed my mind. It might be better to just tell you a bit about how this book (already) changed me.

I’m a few days into my vacation now. Boy, did I feel stressed and empty when it started. Like I just wanted to lay in bed for the rest of the week. Even cry, maybe, or eat a lot of chocolate to avoid that. I felt trapped in my life. It has been that way for a while now, but I just couldn’t find the source of this feeling. Arianna shone a light on it. My life is in overdrive, overdrive in the wrong directions. It feels like I am caught in a web of Ambition, Passion, Career, Money, Work. That’s not what life is about, ultimately. I felt taken by the hand by a book. Crazy? No, it felt very natural.

The book reads like a guide, and a memoir at the same time. It is a realistic story and one I can relate to (except for the fact that I’m luckily not that attached to my phone as Arianna describes some of her acquaintances to be). The book reads like a long conversation with a wise friend, a very intellectual friend as well, I must say. And one that is truly inclined on helping others find balance again. Not in a traditional self help way. There is wisdom in this one, there are sources and studies and quotes from famous philosophers. No empty words that give you a temporary high, and make you fall down a black hole moments after, because you have no idea what to do with them. Arianna Huffington has given us a true guide, practical as well as intellectual.

There is more to life than careers and money, than professional ambition. And we are lucky we get the chance to make good use of it. I feel this book is one of the pioneers in a new movement that will hopefully grow further. The movement that brings us back to our human roots, away from our digital and enclosed lives. From the shallowness of striving only for a career or prestige because of earning money or empty successes.

For example, the book inspired me to start Slow Blogging. Not just pumping out articles on a daily basis for the sake of blogging and being read. No, I want my articles to hold more value than that. To not be like fastfood but more like a small portion of haute cuisine food. There is an abundance of information and of empty blogposts already, and I’m guilty as charged I fear. Now, it’s time to put quality above quantity. Second, Arianna Huffington inspired me to de-digitalize myself more. To put my phone and laptop away for longer periods of time. Hold digital detox-days and evenings. Put pen to paper instead of staring at a computer screen. Most of all, to go look for the human connection again. The REAL connection, the giving, the sharing, the loving.

I applaud this book and its writer.

Did this spark your interest in the book? You can buy Arianna Huffington Thrive here

The cultural laws of riding a bike


Dutch people are born with a bike attached to them. No wonder I try to find one wherever I am. Otherwise the longing for a two-wheeler grows too strong. I’m sorry. I think it’s an addiction. Who knew that aside from the healthy benefits of riding a bike, it also gives you new insights in a city and its residents.

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