Workout tips for busy bees

Now, this ain’t gonna happen… Don’t we all have those days where we feel like there’s already enough on our plate, and we might as well leave out that necessary workout. You need to sit down. Relax. Take a breather. Let me stop you there. Nothing is as important for relaxing your body, as a workout. Sounds strange? Not really…

When your mind is tired, but your body has been sitting all day, you are out of balance. This might cause sleep problems, concentration issues or even depressed feelings. When you move, your body produces serotonin, which in turn causes you to feel happy, relaxed and statisfied (it’s even recommended for people who are sensitive to depression and anxiety).

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My Adventures #4


Sometimes a week is just that – a week. You go to work, sleep, work. Heat took over Berlin and I went to the office 5 days in a row. And that’s totally fine with me. The end of the week had a dark cloud hovering over it, especially in the Netherlands. No words can describe.

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My Adventures #3


After having introduced myself (and you guys) last week to Adventure Days, this week couldn’t be anything other than an eventful one. Wednesday was my Adventure Day and I really pushed myself to try out new things and live without fear. It worked, at the end of the day I felt awesome. This week I visited Berlin Ethical Fashion Show, had my best – and oldest – friend over for the weekend, and watched the last World Cup games.

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What watching the World Cup can teach you

Until last Wednesday I watched the World Cup. Great fun. Especially since I’ve found out that you can learn so many great life-lessons from it. Since ‘our’ World Cup experience has come to an end (you might know the Dutch team lost against Argentina), I figured I’d share some of those learnings with you, to pump up our spirits (no self high-fiving necessary though)!

What you can learn from watching the World Cup:

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Adventure Days

Living each day as if it’s your last. As much as I would want to do that, it’s exhausting. You can never live every day of your life with this thought in the back of your head without going crazy. But I would like to have some regular days where I push myself a bit to live on the edge, to do something totally new. To set aside all my fears and doubts and just go.

This idea was re-awakened when Ricardo Semler told us about his terminal days, during his seminar a few weeks back. Terminal days? Yep, not the most fun title I would say. But he explained it as follows: two days a week he dedicates to live like he knows he doesn’t have that many left. Not to cross off his bucket list (he has done that already, lucky him), but to just do what he intrinsically wants to do and feels like he needs to do. Mostly this involves spending time with family and doing crazy fun stuff. What a life, right.

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My Adventures #2

Sometimes I feel like the weeks rush by without me having enough time to do all that I wanted to do. This week was one of those weeks. There was so much to do at the office, with new colleagues coming in (yay!) and new projects being launched. It gave me a lot of energy and curious enough, being presented the latest projects from my colleagues left me with the feeling of wanting to start my own project. Like, really ‘my own’, ASAP.

When I was still in University and High School I made sure to always have an entrepreneurial project running on the side. This way I made a business trip to China, set up a foundation and wrote a book (a long time ago). But now I’m 25 and I suddenly feel like I’m on the verge of starting my own business, or moving to a new country in search of new adventures, of taking a new leap and not feeling super insecure about it. As if all that talk about life experience and growing as a person has materialized into me feeling ready. My brain started working overtime this week, and I can’t stop thinking about all the exciting opportunities that are looming everywhere.

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Words of wisdom: Ricardo Semler


Have you ever heard of Ricardo Semler? He’s an entrepreneur/writer/inspirator from Brazil. He took over his fathers’ company with a lot of reluctance, feeling that the ‘traditional’ manufacturing company was not for him. But instead of turning away, he decided to face the challenge. He reformed the company to a democratic one. Resulting in there now being a lot of companies in the main holding, 2 books on the concept and companies from all over the world trying to adopt the same democratic vision. You can read more about it, for example here.

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