5 articles that inspire you to be adventurous

Let’s kick off this week with some great inspirational articles. Because sometimes you just need someone to show you how it’s done. And because adventures are fun, be they big or small, long or short, all good. As long as they bring you a new experience and help you grow as a person. So check these out! Most of them are short-reads, so be sure to read them!

5 articles that inspire you to be adventurous


  • Ever feel like time is flying by super fast? Maybe it’s because you don’t have enough adventure in your life. Or better said, you could possibly slow down time by going on new adventures, however big or small (well, that is, in your head, no time machine yet)! This article on the Huffington Post provides you with some more reasons to embrace adventure in your life.
  • In a bit of a lazy mood? Ok, let’s start on your couch. Watch these movies for full-blown adventure inspiration. But we’re talking major adventures here. So let’s say that a big boost of inspiration most likely will lead to you doing something adventurous in your life, then this is a good first start. Tips for movies that make you want to go on adventures are listed in this article on Hello Giggles.
  • But you know what, in order to enjoy new adventures, you don’t need to head out far. You could try one of these 50 ways to have an adventure without leaving town, by the Laughing Medusa. Great inspiration, if you ask me.
  • Or you could, of course, go on a really big adventure by booking a trip to a distant place and be wow-ed by all the amazing things this world has to offer. If you do have the possibility and feel the urge to take on a very big adventure, why not do it asap? Look at the stunning examples in this article on the Huffington Post.
  • But then again, don’t forget to look at what you already have in life, to see the adventures you are already living. It’s important not to overlook the efforts you might have already put into making your life YOUR life. Then be sure to check out this great piece by the Self Help Hipster – Because my life is dope and I do dope shit. You betcha!
    Do you have any articles, movies, music, that inspire you to be adventurous? Please do share!

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    1. Wat een enorm leuke post Anne! Vooral de tips voor in je eigen stad vind ik ook erg tof… juist omdat je daar vaak nog veel kunt ontdekken zonder dat je dat in de gaten hebt… fijne inspiratie!

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