Adventure Days

Living each day as if it’s your last. As much as I would want to do that, it’s exhausting. You can never live every day of your life with this thought in the back of your head without going crazy. But I would like to have some regular days where I push myself a bit to live on the edge, to do something totally new. To set aside all my fears and doubts and just go.

This idea was re-awakened when Ricardo Semler told us about his terminal days, during his seminar a few weeks back. Terminal days? Yep, not the most fun title I would say. But he explained it as follows: two days a week he dedicates to live like he knows he doesn’t have that many left. Not to cross off his bucket list (he has done that already, lucky him), but to just do what he intrinsically wants to do and feels like he needs to do. Mostly this involves spending time with family and doing crazy fun stuff. What a life, right.

So this got me thinking. I don’t have two full days a week where I can just do whatever I like (yes I do have 2 weekend-days but I need one to sleep and the other to work on side projects ;-)). But I do have days where I wake up feeling like I can conquer the world. Usually say… 1 every other week. What if I put those days to use and make them my Adventure Days?! They’d be like terminal days, but 1) the name is way nicer, 2) it’s only one day, 3) it’s mainly my spirit that counts and not only my actions (so they might as well be days where I am at the office)

An Adventure Day would be a day where you push yourself to really be you. To do what you feel you need to do but sometimes don’t have the courage to. These days, you just do it. Have you watched the series Being Erica? If not, go do so. It’s a series about a twenty/thirty-something girl who is ‘in therapy’, but this therapy involves some kind of time travel where she can go re-live moments in her past life to go act in a different way, to solve all her regrets. There is an episode in season 2 where she gets to re-live one entire day, without the people around her remembering her or her actions. So basically she is free to do whatever she likes and act the way she would have wanted to act if no one would remember. Without shame. Without regret.

Adventure Days would include that spirit. To live without regret. No shame for you, who you are and what you do (ok, don’t go do super crazy stuff because people actually WILL remember you and your actions in this world). But live fearless on your Adventure Days. It can be just one day a week, or one day every two weeks, where you push yourself to let go of some of your self-imposed boundairies and go for what you truly want. This involves some training, but I’m sure that you will get a lot out of these days.

My first Adventure Day was past saturday. I woke up feeling happy, well-rested, ready to conquer the world. So I did some things that I would normally hesitate to do. I registered for eco fashion week in Berlin (it’s an application process and I was afraid that they’d turn me down. But those who never try, never know right), I played table tennis with my boyfriend (who used to be a table tennis champion way back) and I bought presents for my family and had them sent to their houses (you know, with the distance between us hindering me from dropping them off personally). I ignored time completely. It was a lovely day, a good first, where all anger, shame, fears, were let go. Where I pushed myself a little and did what felt good. Actually, what I would have done had the day been called a Terminal Day. It was one to remember.

Adventure Days rock. Everyone should have them. They make life a whole lot more fun. Take the time to listen to yourself and what you really want, and don’t let yourself be held back by your own irrational thoughts or behavior.

So, what do you say, are you in? Will you have your first Adventure Day this week? Drop me a line in the comment section!

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  1. Wat goed Anne! Ik heb, mede dankzij de push, van Joppe ook regelmatig van die dagen. Vaak kan ik ze niet helemaal goed besteden zoals ik van te voren zou willen (merk dat ik nu toch vooral veel energie krijg ook door even niks te doen) maar dat komt nog wel. Het is sowieso al goed en fijn om er meer bij stil te staan.

  2. Superleuk. En Adventure Day is inderdaad een veel fijnere naam…
    Voor mij is zondag meestal mijn ‘ik-mag-doen-wat-ik-wil-dag’. Maar omdat de rest van de week van zo druk en vermoeiend is, eindig ik op mijn zondagen meestal in een pyjama op de bank. Toch een beetje zonde…. Dus als eerste doel maar eens proberen om op zondag iets minder uitgeput te zijn…? :)

  3. I love this beautiful idea! We all need days to step out of our boxes and explore in some way or another!

  4. I love this so much, just taking a day once a week to be totally you, do whatever you feel like, probably a good way to get oneself to do that all the time :)

  5. Jaaa! Just what I needed. (serieus; u kunt gedachten lezen, nee? ;-) haha!) Ik doe al een tijdje eens in de zoveel tijd een dag lang alsof tijd niet bestaat. Dan gaan de klokken uit, ik kijk/luister geen journaal en gek genoeg kan ik zelfs de luide kerkklokken van hiernaast negeren. De hele dag doe ik dan alles op gevoel. Geen idee wanneer ik wat doe of wat ik überhaupt wil doen die dag. Ik doe gewoon waar ik zin in heb, wanneer ik daar zin in heb. De laatste keer keek ik uiteindelijk op de klok; ik had net gekookt, zat heerlijk ontspannen te eten en gewoon ‘aanwezig te zijn’ (klinkt een beetje gek, maar je begrijpt vast wat ik bedoel) na een (gevoelsmatig) hele lange dag lekker doen waar ik zin in had….het was 23:30. Normaal zou ik gedacht hebben ‘oh nee waarom zou ik zo laat nog gaan koken?!’ en zou de zin verdwijnen. Maar omdat ik geen klok keek die dag was alles gewoon relaxt. Niets deed ertoe. Het was gewoon een tijdloze niets-aan-de-hand-dag. Heerlijk. :)

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