My Adventures #2

Sometimes I feel like the weeks rush by without me having enough time to do all that I wanted to do. This week was one of those weeks. There was so much to do at the office, with new colleagues coming in (yay!) and new projects being launched. It gave me a lot of energy and curious enough, being presented the latest projects from my colleagues left me with the feeling of wanting to start my own project. Like, really ‘my own’, ASAP.

When I was still in University and High School I made sure to always have an entrepreneurial project running on the side. This way I made a business trip to China, set up a foundation and wrote a book (a long time ago). But now I’m 25 and I suddenly feel like I’m on the verge of starting my own business, or moving to a new country in search of new adventures, of taking a new leap and not feeling super insecure about it. As if all that talk about life experience and growing as a person has materialized into me feeling ready. My brain started working overtime this week, and I can’t stop thinking about all the exciting opportunities that are looming everywhere.

And, I might as well start doing those things quickly since I lost about ten years of my life watching the Netherlands play the World Cup quarter finals last saturday. Oh my that was so bad for my health. In case you missed it, after extra time we went straight into penalties and then… We were so lucky to have our special ‘penalty killer’ goalie Krul. Normally I am not a real big football fan, but when it comes to WC or EC, I’m pretty much a die-hard fan. Excited to see what happens on wednesday, when we play semi-final!

Speaking about losing ten years of my life, apparently my taste in TV series already adapted to me gaining 10 (or…20) years. My lovely boyfriend nicely pointed out to me that my new favorite, Cougar Town (yes, I’m sorry, in hindsight maybe not the best pick ever) was made for a target group of females aged 40 and over. Yeah, thanks for that. But still. Sometimes it’s just REALLY FUNNY. Don’t blame me. Plus if I’m 40+ and I still look as young as Courteney Cox does, that’s one gift I’ll gladly accept. Thank you.

Now this week is sometin’ else. My oldest bestie is coming over for the weekend. I sense some serious par-teh and LOTS of talking. Fun fact, I actually have known her since the day she was born, our mothers being best friends as well. So looking forward big time to that one. Plus, some exciting meetings planned this week as well to crystalize out some of my new plans…

So, how was your week? Anything good planned the coming days?

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  1. Nou mijn week was minder spannend dan die van jou! Haha! Krijg wel energie van je enthousiasme…wie weet werkt dat deze week door in mijn eigen plannen. :)

  2. Whatever you feel like doing just GO for it! Sometimes I have the same feeling too that the time is passing by so fast and that I’m lacking time to do whatever I wanted to do. But 25 is still very young! Enjoy life and Cougar Town haha :)

  3. I know what you mean by time whipping by. Wanting and craving other things is a good thing still means you have life and creativity in you. When you don’t dream of additional things is when life or you has stagnated. Enjoy all that life has to offer Lucy

  4. Great post! I think it’s a great idea to have some sort of side project going! For me, that’s definitely my blog and writing my novel! Anything else and I wouldn’t have time to sleep lol!

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