My Adventures #3


After having introduced myself (and you guys) last week to Adventure Days, this week couldn’t be anything other than an eventful one. Wednesday was my Adventure Day and I really pushed myself to try out new things and live without fear. It worked, at the end of the day I felt awesome. This week I visited Berlin Ethical Fashion Show, had my best – and oldest – friend over for the weekend, and watched the last World Cup games.

Eco Fashion

For some time now I’ve been supporting an eco fashion brand from India in spreading business to Europa. Part of the crew were in Berlin last week to visit the Ethical Fashion Show and asked me to come join them (this was on Wednesday). Great experience. We spoke to several designers and learned a lot about the (eco) fashion industry. We went on to have diner together and had good conversations. Can’t wait to dive in deeper and spread the word in the Netherlands. Oh, that entrepreneurial spirit, sometimes I just can’t shut it out and be like all hyper and lose interest in sleep…

Best Friends Forever

My mother and her best friend were pregnant almost at the same time with their first child. The babies were born 2 months apart, with me being the older one. I got to know my best friend the day she was born. We started going on holidays together when we were about 1 year old. We had so many sleep-overs when we were little, made friendship bracelets and watched several World Cups and European Championships together. We went on a Sail Camp for a week, which was a big disaster for both of us but fun because we were together. We struggled through puberty sharing our hopes and dreams. Wishing to be grown-ups. And now we are. Meeting up in Berlin and talking for 48 hours non-stop was the best. We ate sushi, drank cocktails and went to a flee market where we even bought a new ‘friendship necklace’ to celebrate 25 years of friendship. It has ‘wish’ stamped on it, since we are both big dreamers and have a lot of plans in life that we want to make real. I wish for everyone to have a friend like this.



What to do next?

A thought that keeps occurring to me lately. What to do next? When I look at my life almost everything is great, to be honest. I have the best boyfriend, a nice job, good friends and a comfy home. But sometimes I feel a bit out of place in this city – even though it’s great. Like there is some kind of urge to move on to a next city, a next adventure. To dive into a whole new adventure and build a life from scratch again. I’ve heard it before from expats in my family, once you start living in a foreign country, there is a chance you want to keep moving around and will feel it’s difficult to settle down. There is a certain unrest in my head at the moment and I’m not sure what to do about it. But hey, it keeps me busy haha.


So, how was your week? Ready for the next? I have some fun meetings planned apart from working the whole week at my day job, and am looking forward to next week, when I will hopefully go on vacation, to clear my head

This might be interesting



  1. Cool dat je naar Engels geswitcht bent, ziet er nog steeds erg goed uit allemaal :) Fijne week had je, leuk dat je BFF op bezoek was!

  2. You had an eventful weekend!
    Something that may (or may not) keep you interested in staying where you are for a bit longer could be to research the history of the city you’re staying in, if you haven’t already. But I understand the need for adventure!

  3. Ik MOOOOOET echt naar de volgende eco-fashion-week/beurs in Berlijn! MINT in A’dam was ook te gek, maar hey, dit is in Berlijn ;) Tof dat je je bezig houdt met dat merk uit India. Ben heel erg benieuwd!
    Fijn he, zo’n vriendin? Ik heb het met mijn beste vriendinnetje Merlin. We kennen elkaar al sinds we 4 jaar oud zijn en naar school gingen. We waren buurmeisjes in Friesland en nu wonen we beide in Amsterdam. Zo leuk :)

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