My Adventures #4


Sometimes a week is just that – a week. You go to work, sleep, work. Heat took over Berlin and I went to the office 5 days in a row. And that’s totally fine with me. The end of the week had a dark cloud hovering over it, especially in the Netherlands. No words can describe.

So no reflection, really. Just looking ahead. Thursday will mark the beginning of my holiday and I can’t even begin to explain how much I’m looking forward to it. About ten books are on my reading list (Arianna Huffingtons’ Thrive, Mindy Kalings’ Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, and a bunch of books that have been on our shelves for too long). Trips with the Boyfriend are planned. Thinking about all the lovely discussions we will have, food I will prepare, the new exercise methods I’m going to try out and the new business ventures that I will try to set up now.

Hopefully today already I will finally receive the first dummies for a project I ‘designed’. As much as I would like to be a designer, I don’t qualify for any such position, but I did my best. I’m curious to see how it worked out and will probably share it with you (provided that it’s not too shaming…)

Most of all I am hoping to fully come to rest during my holiday and to make something like a new ‘two year plan’. My boyfriend and I used to do that when we were still in University. It all seemed so easy to plan back then. For example, we planned our 3 month stay in France to learn French and at the same time planned our semester abroad. As if it were nothing. Easy peasy. Now it seems a whole lot more difficult to ‘plan’. To find out what we want our next step to be. What we want for the coming years. How come? Shouldn’t this be the other way around? Like, when you’re still in University you are bound by the rules, the semester, the tuition fees, the pressure to graduate. It always seemed to me that the amount of freedom would merely stay the same after graduation. But it feels different. This adult-ness sometimes makes me feel so…bound. Why? I’m curious to see if I can turn this feeling around, start deciding my own path instead of having somebody else, or random events, turn me in a certain direction.

I’ve always been a planner, so it only seems logical to me to also have a ‘plan in life’, as unappealing this may sound to others. I can’t do without it, it seems. So time to ask myself some serious questions and get this machine goin’ again.

How have you been, how was your week. Any plans for now? Have a good one!

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  1. Haha, heel herkenbaar, dat plannen. Ik gebruik 31 december altijd om te evalueren en plannen. Ik lach me altijd dood als ik op de 31e lees hoe er van mijn plannen van een jaar geleden niets terecht is gekomen, om dan vervolgens meteen een onmogelijke lijst wensen en plannen voor het komende jaar te schrijven. Maar misschien ben jij beter in dat soort dingen! ;)

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