Hi, I’m Anne

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Hi, I’m Anne

Blogger | Entrepreneur | Marketeer | Girlfriend | 26 |

Pregnant (due date May 2015) | Sustainable Fashion enthusiast | Dutch | Based in Berlin

After graduation (masters in International Law), I found myself in a rut. What I thought would have been the start of a fabulous independent life, where I could pick and choose my own career and happy situation, turned out to be a big black hole. During my studies in Amsterdam (History and Law) I grabbed every opportunity I could to taste the life of true entrepreneurs and explorers. It was fantastic. I went to China to study Chinese for a while, set up a (temporary) business with fellow students and improved my writing skills. But when I graduated, I found out the independent life of a graduate is not in itself fabulous or entrepreneurial at all.

You apparently have to earn money to meet your basic needs. I was lucky enough to find a decent job within 2 months after handing in my Master thesis. After 6 months, this job even gave me the opportunity to permanently move to Berlin. Wow! My boyfriend of 9 years was equally excited and didn’t hesitate one second to pack his bags and move with me to this new city.

Off to a decent start. But still. Something kept nagging on me. I constantly felt a lack of adventure, of inspiration, of meaning in my life. But now, I’ve found my own voice again and chose some new adventures that gave my life a boost. Those adventures I will share with you on this website.

Sometimes being a quarterlifer does feel like being in a continuous crisis. But as a lot of wise men and women said ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’. So why not view this ‘crisis’ as a series of adventures. Start seeing life as a playground, enjoy and wonder over all the beautiful experiences that have their own value to add to life.

Quarterlife Adventures guides you towards becoming who you feel you want to be. Inspires you to keep believing in your dreams and strive towards a sustainable, happy way of living. I hope you’ll take this journey with me. Share, learn, grow and let’s come of age together. Here’s to Quarterlife Adventures!

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