Anne’s Diary #1


The past month has been a good one in terms of starting up my life again after months of nausea, shock and surprise. Besides that, Quarterlife Adventures got some upgrading (especially on the ‘About Q-A’ and ‘hi, I’m Anne’ pages), and I am slowly working my way to pregnancy leave.


In general, I have stepped things down a notch. Turns out, my body is not my hero when it comes to making a baby. Positive side: I take more time to prepare healthy meals, do yoga and meditation and still go to the gym. Now that the nausea has settled down, and the third trimester started, I feel tired again and can honestly tell you that I’m suffering from pregnancy dementia. But actually I kind of like it. My mind is slowing down and I feel less worried and stressed out. Next to that, I now only work 6 hours a day instead of the usual 8, and that helps me out a lot. It’s funny how wrong I was about pregnancy at first. I always thought it would be more of a ‘thing on the side’, until the baby arrived. Wrong!


Now that things have settled down again, and May is approaching at a rapid pace, it is time to start rethinking what I want in life, before the baby is here. Long strolls with my boyfriend are great to make new plans, and both our heads are filled to the notch with them. We are both homesick for Amsterdam, still. I am starting to think that Amsterdam is the city where we belong. Not a bad thing, but for sure something we will keep in mind when making the next big decisions in our life.

Apart from that, I have decided writing has to become a bigger part of my professional life as well. Hence the changes on this blog, because I want to take it more seriously, and practice what I preach as well (see life as an adventure and try to live out your dreams). Though at the moment my day to day life is not so spectacular (get up early, go to work, leave early, sleep, eat, work-out, sleep aaand repeat), I would like for that to change in the future.

But at the moment, most of my energy goes to making a baby and preparing to welcome her. Feels lovely. With the pregnancy dementia apparently also comes the ‘perk’ of not being able to talk about, and think about, other things. I hope I don’t bore you, as my reader, too much with all the pregnancy-talk. So yeah, this is the status of my life at this moment. Enough excitement ahead already!

Do you have any special plans this week? Have a great one!

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  1. Wat fijn dat je het wat rustiger aan kunt doen (soms lastig zeker?). Je verveelt mij in elk geval niet. Ik herken er erg veel in. Leuk om te lezen :)

    • Fijne reactie, bedankt! Soms heel lastig om het rustiger aan te doen inderdaad. Maar het is misschien wel eens goed om pas op de plaats te maken en te luisteren naar wat je lijf je zegt in plaats van andersom ;-)

  2. Hihi, wat lijkt me dat fantastisch als je zo naar je lichaam kunt luisteren, juist omdat je er nu zo bewust van bent en omdat je meer tijd maakt voor spiritualiteit :) whii. Je blog is supertof geworden!

    • Dankjewel Debby! Ja het is best fantastisch en toont wat mij betreft ook wel aan dat we (of in ieder geval ik) normaal dus niet naar mijn lichaam luister, maar haar gewoon negeer totdat ik er zelf bij neer val. Gek eigenlijk…

  3. Zouden we dan samen uiteindelijk gewoon in Amsterdam eindigen? Ik ben zo benieuwd Anne!

  4. Volgens mij zitten jij en ik nu in dezelfde mindset: dat je gewoon volledig opgenomen wordt door je zwangerschap en je daar maar aan overgeeft. Ik vond dat ook fijn, in plaats van dat het zo aan je voorbijgaat.

    En verlof is fantastisch.

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