Anne’s Diary #2

How is it March already? The days and weeks fly by and soon there will be a little baby in my life. I am feeling very unprepared still, haha! My mother came by last week to help me buy some baby-stuff and help me prepare mentally for the whole ordeal ;-). So I’m feeling a bit more relaxed now, and tired. Always. Oh and hungry. Especially for chips, fries and chocolate (I keep myself safe by not buying any of those to take home). But when out in the city with my mom, I simply couldn’t resist…


Check out these cute blankets from David Fussenegger, to die for right. Completely in love with them and with the idea that soon my little baby will be wrapped in them. Am I boring you already with all my baby-talk? It seems like the cocoon is closing in around me and I’m hardly able to talk about anything else. Fun fact: did you know nature wired us this way to make sure we are prepared when a baby comes?

So on to something else than baby talk, some food for thought…

Since I have about 3 active hours a day now, I do a lot of reading and watch mainly documentaries about the state of our world. Not the most uplifting but for sure very interesting. I can recommend all Tegenlicht documentaries from the past months for all Dutch readers. Those help you see important developments in new perspectives (and give you tons of inspiration for interesting blogposts if you ask me!). A not so very uplifting read is this article on the Guardian, about exploitation in factories in GB. When taking into account documentaries that were recently featured on the German TV, I’m afraid the problem is more wide-spread in Europe.
In the field of personal development, take a moment to read this inspiring article on why it is important to take purposeful breaks on a regular basis. During my holiday in Tenerife I took the time to rethink where my life is heading and if I am still on the track that will keep on inspiring and motivating me. Conclusion: not so much. Solution: take matters into my own hands and actively try to build the life that I envision for myself. Because when you never try, you’ll never know. But when you forget to look at your life like this from time to time, it is so easy to get sucked in a life that doesn’t make you happy.

Berlin is a city worth a visit, but make sure to remember it is not all glitters and hipsters here. Tea wrote an article about the not-so-nice things she had experienced in Berlin. Healthy to sometimes read something else than the continuous praises for this city, right?! By the way, totally agree on the sadness of Schonefeld Airport and the christmas market craze.

I’m going back to bed now, make sure you enjoy your day!

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  1. Echt hoor, ik reageer veel te weinig op jouw blogs. Schande, want je schrijft fijn. Wat ben je aan het lezen? Helpt het je ontspannen? Als je tips nodig hebt weet je me te vinden :) X

  2. Wat een fijne post! Goed te horen dat het bezoek van je mama er voor heeft kunnen zorgen dat je wat rustiger bent geworden, lijkt me ook heel spannend allemaal hoor! Al helemaal omdat ze natuurlijk niet per minuut 1 er zijn. Knap! Mooie dekentjes trouwens… zou er best een willen voor op de bank ;-).

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