That moment you realize another year has passed by. Evaluate what happened. What didn’t. What stayed the same and all that changed. Life is a gift, that I remember every year when it’s my birthday. I got to live another one. Last thursday was the day I turned 26. And I feel a bit old now, even though my grandpa assured me I’ve just come into this world and don’t yet know half of it. I guess I believe him.


Living abroad, I didn’t get to celebrate this day like I used to, with my family. That’s hard on me, it made me feel lost. Even though I am the one who chose to live abroad, the one who is always looking for new adventures, some days I just want my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, around me. Maybe thats also the reason it took me some days to write this post. I had a bad case of homesickness. Yes, I turned 26, but on birthdays I turn into that little girl again. Anxiously waiting for the telephone to ring, for a birthday cake, for balloons. Luckily, I always also have family with me, my boyfriend, who spoiled me this year, again. 9 years ago, when we first celebrated my birthday together, he started a tradition of giving me a bunch of postcards for my birthday. They have an order in which I have to open and read them. Of course they have harts drawn in them, remarks about my age, jokes, small loveletters, and in the last one, always a surprise. They are my treasures, they make me even more aware of why I love this man.


The List

There is one other tradition that I hold dear for every birthday. I shortly review the past year, but mostly, focus on the one coming. On my birthday I make a list. Not so much a bucket list, as more of a list for what I want to do and learn this coming year. So I did this year. It’s serious business guys, since I try to keep the promises I make to myself. It gives me structure and direction, brings calm to the chaos in my head.

Actually, I would recommend everyone to make a Birthday to Birthday list every year. Divide it into a few sections:
– Big plans
– Small plans
– Career
– Personal

Here are some of my plans for the coming year:
Big plans: I want to start my own business for REAL this year. The size doesn’t matter. But I want that registration, the product to be finished (I’ve been working on one for a couple of months already), the first orders to be in.
Small plans: When I was little, I loved writing letters and cards. But that stopped. And now I want to get it started again! Plus, I want to go on a short trip by myself. A couple of days will suffice, but this year is also dedicated to becoming more at peace with myself.
Career: The goal is to further develop myself here as well. I will take some business courses at a university to learn a thing or two about doing business, ha! To make this possible time-wise, I’ll start working 36 hours a week divided over 4 days. Thanks to my employer this is already made possible and I love it. Never stop learning, remember that!
Personal: I’ve always been very prone to stress. Exercising helps reduce this, but wanting to advance as fast as possible and having ten projects running at the same time doesn’t, really. So I want to find a way. I want to find ‘my’ way. Like people want to find their person, I need to find whats my antidote and this will take up some of my time, I’m fine with that. Health and love, it’s what matters most in the end

So, let’s get this first week as a 26 year old started! Do you have any birthday traditions? Please share!

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  1. Happy birthday! What a sweet tradition you guys have lt;3
    When I was little we used to keep in bed until the rest of the family woke you up, singing birthday songs and carrying presents and breakfast (most of the time regular breakfast, but always with chocolate sprinkles on them, because it was a special occasion). At the moment we don#039;t have one, but with a baby on the way I really want to start a birthday tradition on our kid#039;s birthday :)

    • Haha Maaike, nou, zoveel schelen we ook weer niet ;) bedankt voor je felicitatie!

  2. Mooie plannen, hoop voor je dat je ze waar kunt gaan maken dit jaar! Maar volgens mij ga jij wel ergens voor als je dat met jezelf afspreekt.
    Ik werd ook altijd wakker gezongen op mijn verjaardag & ik mocht zeggen wat ik wilde eten ‘s avonds. Dat was toen nog heel speciaal…

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