Crazy pregnant woman on the loose


You know the stories about pregnant women and their hormones, right? Floadgates that open whenever something even remotely emotional happens around them, motherly instincts popping up when ants cross the street, wanting to cuddle every crying infant within a ten km radius…Well, that’s not me.

I am slightly doubting if this is the right way to go, to share this with you. After all, this will not put me in the best light of day ever. But hey, since we are all #Iwokeuplikethis and stuff, I figured this might help women in the same position feel a bit better about themselves.

Pregnancy turned me into a raging bitch. No sweet and cute hormones here. Give me a baseball bat and I am afraid that there is no chance of a lucky escape for anything or anyone. Complete and irrational fury constantly inhabits my head. No one escapes the dance (myself included). Well, there is only one person who does. The baby. I must say that if this wouldn’t have been the case, I might have rushed to the doctor to have myself checked, because what kind of mother to be AM I!

I used to be a relatively well-balanced person. Forgiving, calm, easy. At least, I’d like to think so. But now I just praise the doctor who told me to stay home for some time (ok, the praising is on multiple grounds, not only this one), because now I get to behave like a recluse and throw stuff at the walls without anyone noticing. Anyone except my boyfriend. I guess I owe him for not having left me yet (if he would have I would’ve tracked him down and, you know, not a safe alternative for either one of us).

Myth debunked: pregnancy is not all about sweet hormones, baby-preps and nesting and stuff. It is not a time when every woman feels beautiful and pretty and full of confidence. No. There are also the women who turn into complete irrational raging furies. Word of advice: still be nice to them, cut them all the slack in the world. Remember, they are making a baby, and that’s hard work.

Ok bye for now, be nice you guys!

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  1. SO true. Herkenbaar. Heb het twee keer meegemaakt en ben er een klein beetje in blijven hangen ;-)

    • uhoh – Nou je krijgt er tenminste een ‘sterk’ karakter van zullen we maar zeggen haha!

    • Dat is het enige juiste woord ja, uitdaging. Maar toch stiekem ook wel een hele leuke :-)

    • HAHAHA nou fijne collega hoor ;-) durf je nog wel langs te komen nu?…

  2. Je moet wel een heel lief vriendje hebben! Maar het lijkt me wel lastig ja, je zo anders voelen dan normaal. Wel fijn dat je dan lekker veel tegenlicht kunt kijken, dat wil ik ook supergraag weer doen! (Maar ik kijk maar 1x per week tv en dan wordt het meestal wie is de mol of onze man in teheran, ben nu pas bij aflevering 5).
    Maar goed, heel veel baby-maak succes nog! En je zult vast merken dat je lichaam straks precies weet wat het moet doen, al voel je je onvoorbereid. It will take over ;). En als de tijd rijp is, word je vast je oude zelf weer!

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