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A little extra note: on April 23th, our daugther decided she couldn’t waot any longer to come into our lives. Just as I was finishing this post, labor started and we had to rush to the hospital. On April 24th Lizzy was born. That is why I present you this post, but with one day delay. Because also on this day, awareness is needed for a fair fashion industry!

Some background information

On April 24th, 2013, 1133 textileworkers were killed when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed. Sadly, this is not a lone incident. The clothing industry as we know it today, is an unhealthy industry where mainly the poor and vulnerable workers carry the burden of the cheap fashion that is sold on the market. Changes are urgently needed to turn this industry into a heatlhy one.
That is why April 24th, is international Fashion Revolution Day. In 2015, this campaign takes a personal approach. The Fashion Revolution organisation calls on all individuals to ask the question: who made my clothes?


Fashion Revolution TAG

Since I’m doing so much research into sustainable fashion for this blog, of course I decided to take action as well. That’s how, together with the Fashion Revolution organisation, I came up with the Fashion Revolution TAG. A tag all about personal style, buying behavior and of course, fair fashion. Read on…
1. When you open the doors to your closet, what is the first thing to notice?
Well, at the moment, that it is very empty there. During my pregnancy I decided to buy only the bare necessities, and used some of my oversized clothing to cover the bump. But normally and in general, my closet is filled with colorfull items, especially dresses and skirts.
2. How would you describe your clothing styles ‘history’?
When I was little, my mom always had me pick my own clothes. Which resulted in clownesque outfits, bursts of color and very… experimental outfits. This might have been the reason for my ‘all black and grey’ phase during my teenage years. Almost a goth, though lacking the black hair and make-up. Fortunately I feel like now I have found a balance between colors and non-colors in my wardrobe.
3. What’s important for you when buying new clothes?
The feeling that this piece of clothing is of high quality, can last a long time (preferably years) and is easily combined with items I already have.
4. Do you pay attention to buying sustainable fashion (a.o. do you care for brands’ philosophies or certifications), or is this not so much on your mind?
To say that I only look at sustainable clothes would be a lie. I try to, but when I am looking for a specific item, I just feel like it takes up too much of my time to look for a fair fashion label that carries it. This sounds very lazy. But in my opinion this is also the problem with the industry today. The market is over-crowded with blazing unfair clothing labels and webshops where you can click and buy, while looking for sustainable brands (also online) is often times more challenging.
5. What is your opinion about the current state of the fashion industry?
Honestly, it makes me cry. I wonder how we got into this mess and even more, how we are going to get out of it. How can we turn things around? All the ethical, personal, economical dilemma’s that are involved make it such a difficult subject to discuss, let alone to take action or ‘do the right thing’. Also, I feel that too much responsibility is placed on the shoulders of consumers. As if we ‘want’ to buy unfair clothes from the day we are born. It’s just not true. The biggest forces can make the biggest changes I think, so responsibility should lie on the shoulders of market leaders in the fashion industry and maybe even in the political/judicial field (and trust me, that is even more difficult than making changes in the commercial field, I can say from my experience as researcher in European Union law…).
6. What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?
1,5 years ago I bought a coat that can be used in winter, spring and fall. I saw it as an investment piece from the first day on and can truly say that it has been one of my best buys ever. I could even wear it during my entire pregnancy! This coat from Moschino:

So Moschino, Who made this coat, #whomademyclothes?


Want to take action?

Of course it would be awesome if you decide to also use this tag on your blog. But if you want to take quick action, here is what you can do to make a statement as well:
As this is of course a TAG, I am more than happy to TAG the following bloggers to join in as well and make a statement for fair fashion!
Debby, – Nesrin, – Anouk, – Jess
Let your voice be heard as well, and let’s aim for a world filled with fair fashion.

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  1. First of all: gefeliciteerd met de geboorte van jullie dochter!

    Ik hoop dat alles goed is gegaan en dat jullie het goed maken. Wat een leuke naam heeft ze.

    On topic. Bedankt voor deze tag!

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