Why I feel like I will enjoy children’s books more than my future child

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Because this TED talk made me so excited that I told my whole office about it in awe. This is how we should keep on sparking creativity.

Is there an unwritten rule somewhere that tells us humans to stop promoting imagination and creativity somewhere around the age of 16? Or maybe earlier? Is there a moment in life where we expect people to be grown ups, meaning to stop using imagination and start acting just ‘normal’. To fit in and stop expecting miracles to happen, secret doors to open, whales to become our pets? Because I intent to find that moment, and fight it. In retrospect for myself, but mostly for generations to come. Imagination and creativity are essential parts that make us human, I believe. They enrich our lives and broaden our horizons. They are a gift that should be cherished instead of demolished. So please, take a moment to listen to this TED talk. If you’ve only got a couple of minutes I suggest you start at 11:50. Make sure to keep on watching until the end.

So, what about you and your creativity? Did this TED talk inspire you as much as it inspired me?

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  1. Mooi! Inspireert me om dingen die ik nu nog weet van mijn kindertijd (hoe ik toen tegen dingen aan keek en hoe het voelde, niet echt de feiten) op te schrijven. Ik denk dat dat later wel waardevol zou kunnen zijn.

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