The path is muddy, a carpet of leaves. Our feet one in front of the other. Our shoulders barely touching. Still two but soon to be three we parade through the rain.

It’s cold and it’s winter. Hands pulled into our jackets as far as possible. I defy the cold and reach for his hand. He squeezes it. Looks to his left and smiles before searching for the warmth of his coat again. A blue leather coat. A mid winter walk. So much is going to change. Not possible to know what to expect.

Ten years in two human lives, the hours spent together. Laughing. Crying. Fighting. Loving. If love is such a fragile thing, how come he makes me feel so strong. I want to wrap my soul even more tight around him. Never let go. Pour all of me and my emotions out in front of him to show, this is how much I care. How much I always knew that this adventure was for us. Together. We belong, my darling. This life is us.

And I know he knows. Has always known. From the moment he heard my voice sounding through the hallway, before I walked in and our eyes connected. Never to let go. Maybe there is destiny after all.

Interconnectedness leading to a new life. Our feet one in front of the other. A drop of rain rolls down my neck. His arm softly folds around my expanding waist. Pulling me closer to him, trying to protect me from the drizzle. Protecting us. We are three.

Please always keep loving like you do.

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  1. Wauw Anne… kippenvel. Ik wil heel veel zeggen, maar eigenlijk heb ik even geen woorden. Wauw…

  2. Wauw lieve AP, prachtig. Ik heb er kippenvel van. Voor altijd samen, in alles. Dat is liefde! X

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