Maybe they have a cat

I know you have felt this at least once in your life. Everyone has. Being so impressed by a persons’ stories or work, that you’re scared of meeting them in real life, of talking to them. You want to go up to the person, say some nice words, maybe even ask a question, but the words just don’t come out of your mouth.So you just stand there looking foolish. Now what? You ask yourself: why?!

Guys, let me tell you this, I recently turned 26 years old and think I have discovered the holy grail. The solution to this problem that keeps us from having meaningful interactions with people we admire. Get ready for this (and bow down bitches and stuff, because this might truly be life-changing, you can thank me later, or immediately just below this post. You know the drill):

Maybe they have a cat

It’s all you need to relax those vocal chords for a real conversation, promise. They might have a cat. What would it be named? Would they pet him coming home after a long days work? Will the cat wake them up every day? How would the cat make them feel? You don’t even need to be a cat-lady to make this work for you. The key to this story is: we are all human (I’ve wrote about that before, yes) and we all go home (at least, hopefully we do sometimes) and lay our limbs to rest on the couch. And preferably, with something cute to cuddle. Ah yes, that’s where that cat comes in. That visualisation makes all your idols suddenly human, now doesn’t it? Guess what, that’s because they are.


Have a great day and kick some ass!

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  1. Or they could have a dog! Either way, they’re all human. I won’t let their awesomeness stop me from talking to them.

    • That’s true of course! And you’re brave. I sometimes have an issue approaching people that I super much look up to. Even though it doesn’t really make sense…

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