Mindhacks for pregnant women


Originally, the title of this post was ‘lifehacks for pregnant women’. Turns out, I don’t know any. I still call my mother whenever the practical side of this whole ordeal gets in my way and I don’t know what to do about it. For example, how could I know that underwired bra’s should be banned when you’re pregnant? They start to lead their own life and you risk cutting off a boob or two when sitting down wearing one. Seriously, tortuous devils.

But the upside of having a mind that is always racing, is that I am able to come up with mindhacks for pregnant women (ok, if they are useful is up to your own consideration to be honest, maybe I am the only one in the world who needs these).

…When doubting and/or fearing and/or dreading the carrying and delivering of a baby…

– Imagine a hedgehog giving birth, or an elephant carrying its baby.

Ouch (ok, I assume the babies don’t have that stingy of a coat yet. But still). Though you know hedgehogs give birth after 35 days already? Elephants on the other side, carry their babies for 22 months. I mean, you really think 9 months is that long of a wait now? Come on, you can do this!

– Pregnancy is not a sickness

With so much being overly medicalized these days, a good one to keep in mind when you are fearing for yet another thing that could, in theory, go wrong. Enjoy your healthy pregnancy. Don’t cross the bridges before you come to them darling.

– Growing belly equals no need for a sixpack

Now finally! You can ignore all the peer pressure, fitspiration, pushy magazines. You don’t need that sixpack for now. Go out and eat. Eat eat eat. For now you can, and ignore that gym for the coming months. Best excuse ever.

…When feeling overly emotional because of those crazy hormones…

– You and me, and me and you…

Nine months of not feeling alone ever because you never are. It is like having your childhood invisible friend back on your side again. Ok, including real life kicks in the gut. But just ignore those. You now always have a partner in crime, whom only you can feel (sorry, still not able to see for now, I’m afraid).

– Grumpy, dopey, sleepy – you are allowed

Being grumpy and tired all the time is normally considered socially unacceptable. So yay for pregnancy. Celebrate this time in your life where for once you are allowed to bingewatch series on the couch all day, sleep whenever you want to and ignore other people and their feelings (just kidding…No not really). You are making a baby. That’s hard work, so cut yourself some slack.

Any other mindhacks for pregnant women?

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