An ode to nature

This is my first try at putting into words something very personal. Even though it might not look personal as such, it feels that way. Sometimes deepest feelings feel more close to you than your deepest worldly secrets. So here they are. An ode to nature. About feeling lost. I read an essay by Henry David Thoreau on walking. Inspired by that piece, I tried to write something similar in my own voice. Here it is.


The light shines through the trees, as such making these woods into a sacred place, a cathedral of mother earth. I find my worries blown away by the gentle breeze that makes my hair dance around my head. I clear my lungs and let the air flow out. A big sigh. Where am I, where is my me?

Oh, nature, how I’ve missed your presence, your arms around me in times that I feel lost. For you are the place that draws me home. To my roots, to plant new thoughts for growth and to ground me again. Show me life’s meaning. For I am adrift.


Man who is confined to the urban playground, the black concrete that forms a barrier outside, inside him, that man is missing life. He is lacking a way to become whole again, to feel united with the universe. That man is a sad one. And I’m fearing it might be me.


I remember vividly looking at the Chinese Yellow Mountains on my grandmothers porcelain. High peaks reaching to the skies, enveloped by gentle clouds washing through. In awe. At 21 I found myself standing on those peaks. Watching out over them. Feeling small, humble. Feelings that transcends words. I was reminded, nature knows it all, good things are free.


Nature draws me back to me. Grounds my feet and makes me appreciate and see the beauty of life. Of experiences I’ve been granted to have. Of love. Of family. Addicted to the wild, the calm at the same time. Foolish is the man who doesn’t return to nature. Who stays trapped between four walls, and clung to a desk. For he is a modern version of a slave.


Go out, go wander, lose yourself in the labyrinth of roads nature has to offer you. For she will heal you. She will cherish you. She will give you back your meaning in life.

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  1. Mee eens! Ik beschrijf het iets minder eh… literair denk ik, maar mijn hoofd leegt zich altijd tijdens een lange wandeling. Als alles dreigt over te lopen, ordent het zich vanzelf weer. Zo fijn is dat!

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