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Quarterlife Adventures

Life is a series of adventures | Explore all of it | Live your dreams | Almost anything is possible

Quarterlife Adventures inspires young women to dive head first into new adventures and accept challenges to make the world and their lives better. To explore the world by discovering all opportunities out there. Built trust and belief that a sustainable but fashionable and comfortable future is possible. It shares Anne’s journey towards an inspiring life, while exploring the world of sustainable fashion and living.

Being in your early twenties and thirties, the direction to take in life can be unclear, scary or seem downright impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. The world now literally lies at your feet and you can start to build your own life. There will be bumps in the road, mistakes made and tears flown. But that’s all part of this exciting time; there is finally the possibility to live your life on your own terms. To regain the creativity lost during your formative years. To go on adventures and to take chances – however big or small. To reach your full potential.

Quarterlife Adventures is a powerful, honest and down-to-earth online magazine, where quarter lifers are inspired to continue to dream and believe that a beautiful, inspiring life, and sustainable way of consumption, are possible.

Quarterlife Adventures features Anne’s adventures, but also invites other people to share their personal journey towards a meaningful and sustainable career and way of life. To show others that dreams still do come true, not only in fairytales.

“Quarterlife Adventures guides you towards becoming who you feel you want to be. Inspires you to keep believing in your dreams and strive towards a sustainable, happy way of living. I hope you’ll take this journey with me. Share, learn, grow and let’s come of age together. Here’s to Quarterlife Adventures!” Anne

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