Real humans


Real humans. Sometimes I feel it is difficult to find them. Surrounded by aggressive media-outlets. By websites pushing the latest fashion statements and beauty products. Business stories about the extremely succesfull, or the extremely loud. Newspapers spreading only the ‘worthy’ stories. Is that what we are? Always bombarded from the outside. What about inside? How to give meaning to life? What is the meaning of life? Is there?


Somewhere in me there is a strong urge for real human connection. What sounds like an easy task, finding a human and connecting, has become a huge ordeal. Because what is real. Who is real? We have to establish a working relationship with all the social media outlets where we are collectively creating a dream world. Because that is not us. Thats not human.


Human is real. Human is love. Human is creation. It is togetherness, connection. It is us.

I want to be vulnerable. Because I believe thats powerful. Wild emotional rides and high ups, lown downs. Experience it all. Connect like crazy. Because we are not alone. In this, in life, we are all together.

Today I discovered the Goddess Project and I love it head to toe. Awesome. It truly encompasses all of the above. Go check it out here. And don’t miss out on the trailer. I feel like this is wat we need more of.

All of the images in this post are from the series ‘We Are Tiny’ by Randy P. Martin

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  1. Jeetje Anne. Elke keer raak je me weer met je woorden. Ik weet niet wat het is, maar door jou en je berichten sta ik meer bij mezelf stil. Wat ik wil, wie ik ben. En dan vandaag met The Goddess Project, zit ik de trailer te kijken met tranen in mijn ogen. Dankjewel!

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