I’m becoming a Rockstar

Howdy! I’m still alive and kickin’, in case you were wondering and still hanging around here.
And I have some exciting news to share. For 1,5 years now, I’ve been working on a project called ‘On The Rocks’. Sustainable stationery, made from rocks. It has been a fun and exciting ride so far, but we’re taking things up a notch…
During my pregnancy, everything came to a standstill. But now I’m back, stronger than ever. And with a beautiful little girl by my side. And we’re both ready to rock….

The Rock Tools Kickstarter campaign!

With a great team of people (including Eva and Laura) we’ve been busting our asses of to build an awesome Kickstarter campaign! Why? Let me explain…

The stationery we have designed, is made from rock paper. This cradle to cradle certified paper is a very good substitute for traditional, polluting paper.
To start building a community of pioneers for this still very unknown material, and to start the manufacturing process of our debut capsule line of products, we’ve built a Kickstarter campaign. And now comes the fun part. We need to get the word out there. Need to find as many supporters as possible to make this change happen.
We want to cause the ripple in the ocean, and start on a journey to make the world of paper a cleaner one. For me, this is not an end stage. It’s only the beginning. I want to develop the product further to make it even better for the world. We’ll support an indigenous tree planting foundation in South Africa.
I’m so stoked. This is already a dream come true. Talk about chasing your ambitions, right, you should always start and see where it takes you. And you know what’s coming now…
Will you help me and my team, be our Rockstar, buy your first ROCKBOOK, thus supporting our campaign? Every euro will make a difference (plus, when you’re an early bird, you’ll get a ROCKBOOK for 8 euros…).
And really any support is welcome. Follow On The Rocks on Facebook, Twitter, spread the word or drop me a note with feedback. I’ll be forever grateful (and so will the trees ;-) ).
p.s. Would it be fun if I post an update here every now and then about the progress? Shout!

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  1. Wow, supergaaf! Wat een tof project, met niet alleen een belangrijke boodschap maar ook heeel mooie stationery. :)

  2. Allereerst: YAY you’re back.
    Ik vind dit er super gaaf uitzien. Je snapt dat ik zeker iets wil bestellen en ik hoop mocht ik ooit een stationary nodig hebben voor mijn blog dat ik bij jou aanklop.

    Ik ga vanavond kijken er zit nu een 7 jarige op mij te wachten die naar ponyles moet.

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