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The past few weeks I took my first steps in the sustainable fashion world. First impression: how in the *@^(^$ does this work, where do I start with learning about it?! There is SO much I don’t know. A lot going on, experts writing books and giving talks, from a thousand different visions and angles. And I don’t know a thing. I don’t even know how normal clothing lines are being produced, how the traditional fashion industry operates, let alone sustainable clothes.

There is a whole unexplored world lying at my feet, and it excites me as much as it scares me. So what the heck, I just take the leap and start. Start by reading, talking, writing about it with people who know a thing or two. With experts in the field and with newcomers. First (big) book on my reading list? The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black - amazing if you ask me.

But I wouldn’t be writing this if there was no value in it for you. I would love for you to join me on this path. The reason I want to take you on this journey with me, is that I believe that there is also a whole unknown but very valuable fashion world out there that most people know almost nothing about. And that should change. Because for sustainable fashion to become the norm instead of the exception, knowledge and awareness are requirements. Plus, we are all consumers of fashion and therefore indirectly should take responsibility for what and how we consume. Don’t you think?

Now, I don’t plan to spam you and drive you crazy with facts and figures related to sustainable fashion. Or any boring stuff for that matter. Let’s make it fun and interesting to read, magazine-style. At least once a week I’ll write a piece for you, publish an interview or maybe even a vlog. If that’s really what you want…

Therefore, it would be AWESOME if you could fill out this tiny survey of mine pretty please! Let’s get this thing started and become sustainable fashion experts together!

What do you want to know - Sustainable Fashion

Pssst, the share your learning curve principle is inspired by Joris Luyendijks’ super inspiring TED talk

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  1. Done! Ben erg benieuwd :)
    Dit is zo’n onderwerp waar je drie jaar geleden nog amper wat over las en steeds meer en meer in de spotlight komt. Bijzonder goed voornemen om daar op in te springen en dus ook te voorzien van kennis en wetenschap rondom die verandering.

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