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Last week I wrote about Arianna Huffingtons’ book Thrive, and the impact the book had on me. And still has. It moved me to rethink my life. And also my blogging strategy, the way I embedded blogging in my life. I’ve always appreciated quality over quantity. With a full-time job, projects on the side and a big family, I just can’t post qualitative articles on a very regular basis. Add something valuable. And I don’t want Quarterlife Adventures to become an empty publishing machine.

I did some research on the internet and in my head. I feel like there is a tendency where bloggers write for the sake of publishing, and readers read for the sake of fast and thoughtless entertainment more and more. True inspiration doesn’t come to you by reading tons of ‘list’ blogposts, other peoples diaries or masked advertisement online. It comes from Life. From real people. From the World.

Let’s all move back there, out of our digital realities. Try to visit the internet less frequently. See the beauty around you. Write on paper with a real pen. And type it all up once you feel happy about what you’ve written. Because blogging still is a beautiful way of sharing information, inspiration and stories about life. Super accessible for anyone. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered some bloggers from all over the world and their beautiful style of writing, living, thinking. So keep publishing. For some that might be every day, for others every week. Maybe even ‘only’ once a month. That’s ok. As long as the piece adds value. Reduce information pollution, please.

Because less is more. Sometimes the internet can feel like a large chicken coop where in the end you only hear the people that screamed the loudest, published the most. Not the people who had the most interesting things to say. Quantity suddenly trumped quality. How and why did that happen?


Slow Blogging

Slow blogging has existed for some years already. Google the words, and you’ll find tons of results. It’s great. The New York Times even featured an article on the subject.

For me, Slow Blogging has the following meaning: it’s about thinking about your posts instead of publishing for the sake of publishing. If you have a lot to say and time to write beautiful pieces, please do publish. But only in that case. Write about what you love, inspire others by letting them share in what drives you. In what goes on in your life and the treasures you’ve found in this beautiful thing called life. What I would love is to encourage people to become a Slow Blogger. If you publish only once a month, but the post is beautiful, people should read it.

Quarterlife Adventures Monthly Newsletter

That’s where the monthly Quarterlife Adventures Slow Blogging newsletter comes in. Or it’s more of a monthly digital magazine. A newsletter that you can print. One that you can read in the garden without any (online) distractions. It’s not a short one, but it’s a good one. I’ll put together a valuable newsletter with quality lifestyle-related blogpost. So you can detach yourself from all screens, or from the 20 tabs you normally have opened, and just concentrate on one thing. Read valuable content pieces and articles related to real life, to offline-life. To turn off your mobile, your internet connection. Return to the here and now, to where the real life happens.

You can sign up immediately, if you’re interested!?

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Positive effects of Slow Blog Reading

– Increased productivity and concentration; you will never be provided with unneccessary ‘empty’ information. Don’t cloud your thinking.
– The articles you read are worth reading, and will help you relax and release.
– First steps in defeating your online addiction.
– Monthly Quarterlife Adventures newsletter which you can read offline. Yes, it’s a long one. But you can print it out and go sit in your garden with a cup of tea.
– Provide you with valuable lifestyle-related content to make your Quarterlife more beautiful and intens. But, we try to keep the amount of time you sit behind a screen to a minimum.

What Slow Blogging does for bloggers:

– Only publish pieces of content that you can be proud of, because it is thought through and not published in a hurry.
– No more unrealistic deadline stress and resulting uninspired posts (“I have to publish an article every day!” Come on now, who has time to read all of those quickly typed up posts about…well, nothing).
– You will be able to keep that blogging passion for a long time. It won’t fade away because you feel like you ‘have to’. Just publish what you feel really proud of.
– As a result: you will have a high quality blog that people love because of the content quality. Not because of the quantity of posts.


Are we in this together?

Now I can’t do this alone. And my Slow Blogging project, and the monthly newsletter, are still under construction. So I was thinking, why not combine our blogging super-powers?

  • Are you a lifestyle blogger,

  • Do you write in English or are you willing to write articles in English, and…
  • Do you want to join the Slow Blogging Newsletter with your posts and writing-skills?
  • Drop me an e-mail ( or contact me via twitter (@quarterlife_adv). Let’s discuss how we can turn Slow Blogging from an exception into a great big, valuable movement!

    Let’s start Slow Blogging! (Oh and check out the Slow Blog banner, whatchathink? Feel free to adjust and use it :-))
    (Psst 2: it took me about 4 days of thinking and 3 hours of typing and adjusting to write this. Now, that must count as a slow blog, right?! ;) And I still feel nervous…)

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    1. The idea is great: create quality content instead of posts about nothing. I prefer a well-written post that inspires me or gives me new ideas and knowledge over another week in pictures. However, sometimes it can be nice to just scroll around and peek into someone else’s life. But these kind of posts are the first ones I stop reading when I don’t have much time.

      I think it’s a good attitude to NOT post when you’ve nothing interesting to add. Think before you post :). I like your newsletter idea. Kinda like a magazine, but different.

    2. I really like the idea and I subscribed to the newsletter. I think there are way too many bloggers who just copy others. Everything starts to look a like after a while, so I’m really into this initiative to change things.

    3. Wat een geweldig idee! Niet alleen de nieuwsbrief, maar ook het idee van tijd investeren in een goede post in plaats van kleine opvullertjes. Ook al schrijf ik zelf niet echt posts die mensen kunnen inspireren, er zit toch veel tijd en werk in en ik zou echt niet kunnen omgaan met zo’n ‘om de dag een artikel’-achtige druk. En dat vind ik ook het leukste om bij anderen te lezen: liever een kwalitatief hoogstaandere post dan heel veel opvullertjes die de bloglovin’ timeline vullen (waarbij het dan ook haast als druk voelt om alles te lezen).

    4. I’m with you! I have been struggling with these things for a long time. Being such a perfectionist with extremely high expectations of myself, I find it difficult to accept that a. there are other things in life than blogging (and studying) and b. that I simply do not have the time any more to blog on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, I’ve barely been able to write anything over the past few months because I was too busy building my very near future (read: finishing my MA thesis, which I have done very successfully, while doing a full-time internship). I never wanted to post anything crappy, but especially now, quality should be more important than quantity. Blogging gives me a great sense of fulfilment, but I do not want to compensate the other things I love in life any more, especially not now that my free time has become so sparse. I will join the slow blogging movement and I hope this helps me to accept that I simply will not be able any more to blog as much as I did – not only because of the working life and finding a job and what have, but because of life. Because I want to do all the other things I love just as much.

      • It sounds like you have been super busy, congratulations on finishing your MA thesis! Must feel good? :-) And no, I also don’t believe that blogging should ever trump real life. I hope that when more and more quality bloggers join this movement, we will be able to all publish beautiful pieces ánd stay happy and healthy in the real world ;)

    5. Heel erg mooi geschreven! Zelf blog ik gelukkig zonder druk. Ik schrijf wanneer ik inspiratie heb en de tijd die tussen twee posts zit maakt me echt niet uit. Ik vind je idee top! Maar mijn Engels is niet erg goed en ik schrijf ook geen hele mooie stukken. Hopelijk vind je snel een aantal bloggers die aan je idee mee willen werken.

    6. yes yes YES! Love every single bit of this. I have caught myself publishing for the sake of publishing in the past, ‘because people forget about you when you don’t publish a new article several times a week’. Decided I don’t want to do that anymore some time ago; i’d much rather write well written pieces that feel real &honest, than irregularly publish something-‘anything goes’ on set time intervals.

      • That is indeed a weird sentiment, ‘because people forget about you’, I don’t think that is true for the people who really Réad your blog, so why do we care so much about it?

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