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If everything goes according to plan (tends not to happen in my life, but I do have high hopes here), I will be attending the Hive blogger conference in Berlin next weekend. Super much looking forward. The organization asked participating bloggers to write something about themselves in a #40facts4thehive blogpost. So of course I am happy to participate. Besides that, this post might also be interesting for other people, since I’ll try to open up a bit about myself…

1. The Hive will be the first networking conference for bloggers I’ve ever attended.
2. Though I’m looking forward to this a lot, it also makes me a bit nervous. All these new people, all these new impressions, and how to connect, how does this work?
3. Plus, for the last couple of months I have been sitting at home because of my pregnancy. All is going well but my body has a hard time coping. So I’m sleeping an average of I think 16 hours a day…
4. In less then 5 weeks I will be a mother to a little daughter and I can’t wait.
5. I always take on too many projects at the same time. I guess it’s because I get bored easily.
6. I’ve been working as Marketing and Community Specialist at DaWanda for the past 2,5 years. Such a creative company where you get to meet so many amazing designers.
7. But before that, I studied History, and International and European Law (in which I have a masters degree).
8. I lived in Xiamen, China, for 6 months during my studies, to learn Mandarin Chinese.
9. Oh, I lived there together with my boyfriend. We are together since almost 10 years (May this year)!
10. He is actually what you could call my ‘high-school sweetheart’, even though he was already in university when we met.
11. I come from a big family full of inspirational and entrepreneurial people.
12. My family lives all over the world, and I still plan on visiting them all.
13. Books are everywhere in our house. At this moment we could fill 6 giant Ikea Billy bookcases.
14. Miranda July is my personal hero
15. And I also slightly idolize Naomi Klein
16. And Nora Ephron
17. Oh and Ernest Hemingway
18. If I could pick a time and place to live, it would be Paris in the 1920’s
19. But to move to Paris at this day and age is also on my wish-list
20. As is moving to China
21. And Canada
22. I love fashion and culture magazines, like the Gentlewoman, Vogue, l’Officiel, Harpers Bazaar and Kinfolk
23. I secretly dream of working in the fashion industry to make it a better place
24. But started off by writing a special for my blog about sustainable fashion. It’s one hell of a big and difficult subject!
25. In another life I would love to be a spie or personal detective/investigator
26. I am so curious, and will not leave a stone unturned once I want to find out how something works or what drives other people.
27. I have been writing stories ever since I could write.
28. My first ‘book’ was called “Dungarees on Adventure”. It was a big succes amongst my classmates.
29. At the age of 10 I published a book in cooperation with other youngsters, called ‘Children have the future’. Filled with stories about the new millenium and what we would envision for this new period in time.
30. I’m never not eating
31. My favorite cuisines are the Chinese and Mediterranean
32. I dream of living in the countryside somewhere in Italy or France and eating the best cheese, grapes, baguettes all day long while reading awesome books and writing my own occassionaly
33. But I also love to work out. It is one thing I miss the most now that I am so super-pregnant
34. I usually go to the gym around 3-4 times a week
35. I also practice yoga, but mainly at home with the help of youtube coaches (best invention ever)
36. The thing I love the most about being an expat, is the fact that you get to wonder about really ALL aspects of daily life in the beginning. Everything is new and different to what you are used to, even in my case, where Germany seems to be so close to my home country the Netherlands, yet is so different
37. The thing I hate the most about being an expat, is missing my family and friends
38. The biggest lesson I’ve learned this past year, is that it is an illusion that you can plan your life ahead or envision correctly where you will be next year.
39. But I still do have a plan de campagne for the coming 5 years. So many things I still want to do!
40. Amongst others: getting in touch with other bloggers in real life. Can’t wait to meet all of you who are coming to the Hive! :-)
Coming up with 40 facts about yourself is kind of difficult… Hope you learned something new about me. Have a great end to the easter weekend y’all!

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  1. Too bad I won’t be attending The Hive as I would love to meet you irl! Fun to read these facts and have fun at the meeting!

  2. Thanks for sharing your 40 facts, I enjoyed reading them and look forward to meeting you at The Hive. And no need to be nervous! I’ve attended many conferences, including the Hive in past years, and the Hive has been one of the most open and inclusive ones. No cliquiness, just lots of friendly bloggers happy to meet new people. You’ll love it!

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