Sustainable fashion collections #1

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In order to fully discover the world of sustainable fashion, we will also start to cover highly sustainable collections that are currently on the market. Even though the definition of ‘sustainable fashion’ proved to be difficult, more and more fashion labels are trying to produce ‘slower’ fashion under fair and humane conditions. That is why we will also highlight the style-aspect of sustainable fashion in this series. Above, the first collage to this attempt.

While browsing through the web, I noticed that I, as a noob, find it difficult to find an easy way to buy sustainable fashion online in an easy way, that is elegant and presented to me in a ‘traditional’ appealing manner (e.g. good product pictures and usefull picture angles, nice usage of light). Plus at the same time presents the sustainable story in a credible and open way. Of course there are already some go-to big names that do a great job presenting their collection. But there are a lot of smaller labels with good intentions that seem to have a harder time?

This made me think. Is it because the smaller brands are simply struggling to conquer their place on the market and in time will further improve their shopping experience and I sometimes hope, their designs for the consumer market?

OR… Is it my own ‘old-fashioned’ view, wherein I desire a certain ‘fashionable’ shopping experience that is only applicable in a fake – low pricing, high service – kind of way?

In the collage you find some examples of good looking fair fashion. These are items that I would consider buying when building my new and improved smaller, timeless wardrobe. In the next collection-posts I might focus on one brand at the time. Would that interest you?

From left to right: Re-bello, Reve en vert, Armed Angels, People Tree.

Have a great weekend! (Snowy in Berlin right now, it looks so beautiful!}

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  1. Hier een grote fan van denim on denim. Ik vind het donkerblauwe jurkje ook erg geweldig.

    Ik kon mij tijdens de twee zwangerschappen enorm verheugen op mijn nieuwe en slanke garderobe voor na de bevalling.

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