Should NYFW actively campaign for sustainable fashion?

 source On February 19th, New York Fashion Week concluded, having showcased the newest designs for next winter. Being considered the number one trendsetting fashion week in the world, you might expect for the organization and designers to have something to say about one of the major topics in the fashion industry at the moment: sustainability. However, no explicit statements were made during or surrounding the event. David Dietz of sustainable fashion platform Modavanti feels like NYFW has dropped the ball on sustainable fashion. Being, of course, a strong advocate for the sustainable cause (and also having a commercial interest in this, I assume), he states that at a moment when the sustainability movement is becoming stronger and stronger, the subject should at least be picked up in some form by the main shows. While my initial reaction was to agree with Dietz, I think there are two different lines of argument in this discussion. Continue Reading

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Cure the fast fashion addiction


I want to start with asking you a question. If buying clothes would be an addiction; on a scale of 1 to 10, how much of an addict would you be?

During my research for this post, I came to realize that a lot of our behavior as consumers of fashion is relatively similar to the behavior of drug addicts. We are looking for instant and cheap gratification of our need for something ‘to look good in’, something new. This need pops up on an awfully high frequency. Enough is never enough. More is always better. When you want to cure a drug addict, what is it you do? Take away all the drugs, all the bad influences. Let them go cold turkey and make sure that afterwards, the ex-addict is only surrounded by positive influences, or can resist the bad influences on his own, or at least I think so. Would that work in fashion as well? Who has the responsibility to cure us fashion-addicts? With us, society, or within the fashion industry?

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