Should NYFW actively campaign for sustainable fashion?

 source On February 19th, New York Fashion Week concluded, having showcased the newest designs for next winter. Being considered the number one trendsetting fashion week in the world, you might expect for the organization and designers to have something to say about one of the major topics in the fashion industry at the moment: sustainability. However, no explicit statements were made during or surrounding the event. David Dietz of sustainable fashion platform Modavanti feels like NYFW has dropped the ball on sustainable fashion. Being, of course, a strong advocate for the sustainable cause (and also having a commercial interest in this, I assume), he states that at a moment when the sustainability movement is becoming stronger and stronger, the subject should at least be picked up in some form by the main shows. While my initial reaction was to agree with Dietz, I think there are two different lines of argument in this discussion. Continue Reading

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Share my learning curve – Sustainable Fashion


The past few weeks I took my first steps in the sustainable fashion world. First impression: how in the *@^(^$ does this work, where do I start with learning about it?! There is SO much I don’t know. A lot going on, experts writing books and giving talks, from a thousand different visions and angles. And I don’t know a thing. I don’t even know how normal clothing lines are being produced, how the traditional fashion industry operates, let alone sustainable clothes.

There is a whole unexplored world lying at my feet, and it excites me as much as it scares me. So what the heck, I just take the leap and start. Start by reading, talking, writing about it with people who know a thing or two. With experts in the field and with newcomers. First (big) book on my reading list? The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black - amazing if you ask me.

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