Share my learning curve – Sustainable Fashion


The past few weeks I took my first steps in the sustainable fashion world. First impression: how in the *@^(^$ does this work, where do I start with learning about it?! There is SO much I don’t know. A lot going on, experts writing books and giving talks, from a thousand different visions and angles. And I don’t know a thing. I don’t even know how normal clothing lines are being produced, how the traditional fashion industry operates, let alone sustainable clothes.

There is a whole unexplored world lying at my feet, and it excites me as much as it scares me. So what the heck, I just take the leap and start. Start by reading, talking, writing about it with people who know a thing or two. With experts in the field and with newcomers. First (big) book on my reading list? The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black - amazing if you ask me.

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