What watching the World Cup can teach you

Until last Wednesday I watched the World Cup. Great fun. Especially since I’ve found out that you can learn so many great life-lessons from it. Since ‘our’ World Cup experience has come to an end (you might know the Dutch team lost against Argentina), I figured I’d share some of those learnings with you, to pump up our spirits (no self high-fiving necessary though)!

What you can learn from watching the World Cup:

  • Teamwork is important in life. You can accomplish way more by helping others and let others help you. Don’t just run your own show, involve others as well!
  • Keep your spirits up, it will make a difference in the way you ‘play’ in life. Don’t let yourself down just because things didn’t work out the way you planned. Get over it and move on, see the glass half-full instead of half-empty.
  • Working out A LOT can give you an awesome body. I swear. It was my pleasure to watch all these very able-bodied men running around.
  • Even when you fall behind. when it all seems to be over and done with, there are still possibilities somewhere. Never give up and it isn’t over ’till it’s over, how clichée this sounds, it’s true(fact: the game from the Netherlands vs Mexico, where the winning goal was made in the 93th minute).
  • You might have super-human powers that you don’t know yet…Fact:


  • And if you don’t have those, still try to keep your cool. This always works better than freaking out or putting your agressive face on. Difficult negotiation or game-situation; poker-face alert!
  • But in the end, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Gotta deal with that one my friends. It’s not going to be any different in your life.
  • So tell me, did you watch the games? Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Ja, ik heb gekeken. Nou ja, half. Ondertussen lekker schrijven / knutselen / etc. En vooral heel erg hard lachen om de acteerkunsten van de mannen… :)

    2. Zo jammer dat het alweer (bijna) afgelopen is. Maar het doelpunt van Robin blijft prachtig!

    3. Gekeken! En dezelfde lessen eruit gehaald. Mooi!
      Goed om ze na afloop eens op een rijtje te zetten. Misschien een idee om ze aan de wat slechtere verliezers te laten lezen, want mopperen is prima, maar zoals de Nederlanders met opgeheven hoofd het veld verlieten; daar kan menig mopperkont een voorbeeld aan nemen! *kuch* Messi *kuch* Oei oei oei wat kan die boos kijken. Verliezen is nooit leuk. Maar draag het als een winnaar mensen…kom op!

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