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So today is the day. At least, for me it is. After blogging in Dutch for almost 2 years (http://24lentes.nl), I decided it was time to move on. Not only did I feel the need to change the language of my blog, the direction also needed to become more focussed.

For about a month I did some serious soul-searching, looked at my best articles, tried to find what I like the most about blogging… And that’s when Quarterlife Adventures was born.

For a long time I’ve felt that I’ve had enough. Enough of people telling me that the way I feel about my life as a twenty-something is called a quarterlife crisis. That the overabundance of choices and possibilities is what makes me feel so lost, causes so much confusion about who I am and what I want.

I don’t believe in this whole ‘crisis’ thing. I believe that the quarterlife crisis needs some serious rebranding. Let’s call it a quarterlife adventure. Everything is possible. The world literally lies at our feet and we can start to build your own life.

Quarterlife Adventures, because there will be bumps in the road, mistakes made and tears flown. But that’s all part of this exciting time in our lives; there is finally the possibility to live life on your own terms. To regain the creativity lost during the formative years. To go on adventures and to take chances – however big or small. To reach our full – or not so full, whatever feels good – potential.

To become who we are. Who we feel we want to be. That, to me, is what Quarterlife Adventures stands for. I hope you’ll take this journey with me. Share, learn, grow and let’s come of age together.

On this blog you can expect essays, interviews about quarterlife topics, life lessons and tips to make your life into an adventure, career advice, some food for thought. On top of that, every week I will write a short column about my own quarterlife adventures, to keep in touch!

Here’s to Quarterlife Adventures!

By the way, check out my awesome new profile picture, made by my talented younger sister Jipke (who has a blog as well; click).

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