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Last year, an article appeared on Quarterlife Adventures named: Why sometimes it is just not the time to follow your passion – yet. A post about the need to let your passion and dreams grow and develop, to not forget that the security of a roof above your head and food on the table are generally important for you to feel good, so not to worry when you know what your dreams are, but are not living them out to the max. Today, almost a year later, here’s a sequel – When it’s time, GO. Put aside all your doubts and fears and go chase ‘em! As a reminder to myself (not an easy task, to be honest the facial expression on the image above is the one I exhibit when trying to find the courage… Excuses, excuses), and also to you. Your dreams aren’t here to be put in the fridge endlessly. Or to never be lived out at all. How sad would that be? Accept your dreams as the adventures they are and go for it! Because…

1. You only have one life. You can’t wait for dreams to come true by themselves. Create your own opportunities and adventures any way you can. That requires action from your side. Start by taking babysteps – that’s always better than to not start at all. No one is immortal (as much as we maybe would like to be), being in a bit of a hurry is not a bad thing.

2. Chasing your dreams by going on adventures will require you to take risks, small or big. These risks are what make life worth living. The thrill that comes with them, the fear of the unknown you are going for. Isn’t it beautiful that you, by yourself, can start that off? Risks teach you that you can rely on yourself. Yes, you can get the job done when you put your mind to it. At first it’s scary, but soon you will feel more confident and take bigger and bigger steps in this adventure to live out your dreams. You took the wild ride and you are going to enjoy it. Taking risks brings color to your life!

3. What a bore-out it would be to keep walking in the same circle for years on end? Just because you had enough “convincing” excuses not to go on an adventure to live out your dreams. There you are, stuck in a rut. And no one else to blame but you. No, please don’t let that happen to you. Snap out of it and start reaching for what you really want. No one is going to present these adventures to you on a silver platter. Will you sit behind your desk and work in the same boring day-job just because…Well just because what? No excuses, lift yourself out of that circle in which you are stuk and start living for your passion.

4. Imagine a world where no one followed their dreams. I’m almost driven to tears by only the thought of this. Such a colorless, sad and sorry world that would be. More people should have the courage and opportunity to do so. If you are in a situation where – theoretically – you could try to chase your dreams, then do so.

Let me repeat this important message again: when it’s time – GO.

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  1. I love the part on taking baby-steps. Sometimes we discourage ourselves by wanting to move too far too fast. Sometimes it’s good to move a bit slower than you’d want, as long as you move and don’t stand still. I’m a firm believer in taking baby-steps :)

  2. Precies wat ik nodig heb nu, een zetje om te gaan. Twijfels slaan namelijk, uiteraard al weet toe en nou ben jij er gewoon niet om me die schop onder de kont te geven ;)

  3. This is so true:
    ‘4. Imagine a world where no one followed their dreams. I’m almost driven to tears by only the thought of this’

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” (M.L King)

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