Workout tips for busy bees

Now, this ain’t gonna happen… Don’t we all have those days where we feel like there’s already enough on our plate, and we might as well leave out that necessary workout. You need to sit down. Relax. Take a breather. Let me stop you there. Nothing is as important for relaxing your body, as a workout. Sounds strange? Not really…

When your mind is tired, but your body has been sitting all day, you are out of balance. This might cause sleep problems, concentration issues or even depressed feelings. When you move, your body produces serotonin, which in turn causes you to feel happy, relaxed and statisfied (it’s even recommended for people who are sensitive to depression and anxiety).

Now get your ass of the chair and move!

It can be so easy. Here are some workout tips for you.

  • 30 Day Yoga. Only takes you about 15 minutes a day. Fifteen. One five. That’s nothing. That’s one snooze less in the morning. It’s when your food is cooking on the stove and you can let it rest for a while. Easy! Plus, it makes you feel wonderful.

    Here’s lesson one:

  • Do a Nike Training Club Workout. There is a great variety in the kind of programs this app offers, but I selected some you can do without a lot of materials, that only take 15 minutes.

    Butt Buster – Lengthen and Strengthen – Perfect Alignment – Vinyasa Rush Studio – Solar Power Yoga Workout -

    More about the app here.

  • Do a Kettlebell workout! It looks so easy and nice, but boy this thing is a monster. Plus ideal for quick and effective trainings. I like to do some in the morning, to get my blood pumping and give myself a boost before the start of the day. This is a good flow for beginners:

  • Get a hula hoop and feel like a little child again. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun. Once you get the hang of it of course. Here’s a beginners workout. It only takes about 10 minutes a day.

  • So go get what you need in order to start doing some workouts. Babysteps is fine, as long as you are doing something. That is my mantra, always. Find a fitness-buddy, make a schedule, buy a fancy fitness bra. Whatever it is, make sure it gets you off that chair and on your mat. Chop chop!

    What are your best (short) workouts? Any tips to fit a workout in a busy schedule?

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    1. I love me some blogilates. I usually follow their calendar, but there are more than enough short videos that you can do. And it’s all on youtube!

      • Good one Nienke! I’ve been meaning to try that out for some time now!

    2. Oohh ik mis Gilmore Girls! Misschien binnenkort een marathon houden…

      Ik sport op dit moment bij de sportschool, eens zien hoelang ik dat volhoud. :)

    3. Heimwee naar de Gilmore Girls… Toch eens kijken of ik wat dvd-boxen op marktplaats kan scoren… Om ze dan vervolgens touwtje springend te kijken..??
      Ik ga die 15-minute yogachallenge eens bekijken!

      • Na al die jaren nog? Wow! Misschien liggen ze wel goedkoper in zo’n witteboekenwinkel of zo..

    4. You know, I might do that 30 day yoga challenge! It’s something I’ve been meaning to pick up again and the 15 minute time frame is just what I am looking for! Thanks Anne!

      • I definitely recommend it! I’ve now completed the cycle twice and feel very good, it provides the perfect morning workout, right before breakfast and work!

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